A Toyota Racing sponsorship is different than a traditional driver & team sponsorship. Our racing program has access to drivers on multiple teams throughout all levels of racing, from top championship contenders in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series to the youngest future stars in grassroots series.


It’s more than just a patch on a fire suit and a sticker on a truck. Toyota Racing can help your brand deliver valued impressions and messaging from one of the biggest stages to the most intimate one-on-one interactions at the local community level.


A primary sponsorship includes branding on the hood, rear quarter panel, TV panel, roof panel, and deck lid of the car/truck; primary branding on fire suit; primary branding on team equipment; and company access to the garage and pits. An associate sponsorship includes branding on select locations such as the lower quarter panel, B-post, and C-post.


Toyota Racing customizes programs to accomplish all kinds of tangible business needs for your brand. There are hundreds of ways for you to get what you need out of racing. Broadly speaking, TRD can place your needs into these eight categories, and dive into more nuanced details from those starting points.