With Toyota Racing, your brand will have access to thousands of loyal customers to help increase brand awareness, brand trial, and lead generation. We can help you formulate a customized, smart, and successful strategy to meet your brand’s goals.


With over 75 million fans, NASCAR is the #1 United States spectator sports and the #2-rated regular season sport with over 6 million viewers each week. During an exit poll after a NASCAR race, 85 percent of fans said they make purchasing decisions based on which advertisers support auto racing.


TRD gives your brand ample opportunity to promote your brands messaging and product promise. Both at the track and away from it, a Toyota Racing partnership will bring far more people to your brand’s activation than before.


NASCAR race weekends are the lynchpin of the Toyota Racing partnership. At several race weekends over the course of the year, your brand will have the opportunity to engage audiences across three NASCAR national series through car sponsorships. In addition, your brand could have access to Toyota’s cast amount of at-track assets, including official track sponsorships, the official pace car, and race endorsements.


TRD has additional assets no single team could offer. Toyota Pit Pass in an at-track experience that sees tens of thousands of fans pass through. Your brands messaging can be seen all year long at over 30+ races per year. Imagine the brand expose and the potential one-to- one brand engagement.


The existing family-friendly “local” atmosphere will be key to activating your message. TRD is directly involved at the grassroots level of American motorsports, which offers your brand a prime opportunity to promote your message at a deeper, national level. Future racing stars, sponsored by your brand, can directly deliver your messaging to your target audience in series where driver interactions with fans is key.